Life Interrupted | Life in a psychiatric facility #1

I remember the day my brain broke. It was sudden, explosive, and just like a teacup falling onto a hard, stone floor, I shattered hitting the ground. I came to, now lying on my bathroom floor, staring at the ceiling, fragments of my former self, comatose.

My mind waved its tired white flag and I decided it was time to check out of life.

January 22nd, I was admitted into a psychiatric facility. Pillow under one arm; I wheeled my little purple suitcase through the front door. I looked around; beige walls, a dead plant to my left and people slouched, shuffling past the nurse’s station. Everyone looked so sick. I caught my reflection in the window.

Oh, that’s right, so am I.

I was shown to my room. Ward 28. No TV, small windows, starch white sheets, hard hospital beds. A room full of nothingness. It was perfect; a place to swallow me whole.

I stared at my case on the bed. I would only unpack a pencil, some paper and a toothbrush. I decided not to unpack too much. Perhaps I just needed one night. Perhaps I would leave tomorrow.

Nurse ‘Perky’ sprung into the room and handed me a ‘Next steps to returning home’ brochure. I had only just made it here! I looked at her bemused, took it from her and said thanks. Then she left, with what felt like knee kicks and jazz hands, singing ‘Here if you need sunshine!’


I sat on the bed, turned my pencil, aimed it at the door and then with perfect trajectory, I threw it at life.

I am currently working on a book regarding this topic. Any comments on this piece would be greatly appreciated. I’d love to hear from you.


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6 thoughts on “Life Interrupted | Life in a psychiatric facility #1

  1. I was freaky intrigued with this. Taking about yourself in the third person as if the sick you was some kind of autopilot looking at the real you sick and needing help.
    Thought provoking.


    1. Simon, great insights and spot on. That’s exactly what is happening here. Glad you found this thought provoking. It’s been a raw topic to delve into but I’m hoping it conveys well. Thanks for much for your comments 🙂


      1. It does convey well and the Idea or message for across for me at least. I can imagine it is raw especially if you’ve been through this. 🙂


  2. So happy it is being interpreted as I intended. Yes, this is a real story and one of empowerment. I look forward to sharing my journey. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. It is so helpful.


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